Shi Xing Hong

In the heart of China lies the ancient Shaolin Temple. The Shaolin Temple is devoted to the study of buddhism and martial arts. For 1500 years monks have developed and passed on the knowledge of buddhism and kung fu.
Shi Xing Hong has lived in the Shaolin Temple since the age of nine, and is now a Shaolin warrior monk. He now travels the world with strong ambitions to spread the knowledge, spirit, and traditions of Shaolin.
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- Summercamp 2011
- Summercamp 2010
- Chan Wu World Competition 2009
- Summercamp 2009
- Summercamp 2008
- Seminar in Italy 2008
- Seminar in Italy 2007
- Chan Wu World Competition 2007
- Hungarian Police Competition
- Seminar in Italy 2006
- Taiji and Qigong Seminar in Hungary
- Summercamp 2007


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